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FacebookOne way that you might find very useful to lose weight if you are a fan of using social media sites such as Facebook is by telling all of your Facebook friends you are going to be losing weight and updating your Facebook status with your recent weight losses when using Phentermine.

By constantly updating your new weight and perhaps even loading up some pictures of you losing weight you are going to find a lot of your Facebook friends will give you the support needed to continue losing weight in this way.

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Another reason for using Facebook is that there will of course be times each day when you may find yourself bored and with nothing to do, and instead of opening the fridge and maybe giving in to temptation by busying yourself on Facebook this will act as a distraction for comfort eating.

You really will be impressed by the way updating your Facebook status and also uploading new pictures of yourself as the weight begins to drop off, and it will also be a boost for any of your friends who may also be losing weight at the same time as you.

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Remember though that you will need to do a little exercise when you are losing weight so do not think sitting on your computer for hours at a time will help you in this quest! Get up and about and do some basic form of exercise and that weight will soon start to drop off!